Shani Mayer (Los Angeles/Israel)


Shani Mayer was born in Israel where she trained in Dance and Gymnastics from a young age. She has trained in Modern dance both in LA and NY and received her minor in dance performance in Los Angeles where she focused on Modern, Contemporary and Jazz and has since been performing with many companies in Los Angeles. In 2006 she discovered Brazilian Zouk in Travelling in Brazil . It was love at first sight and since she decided to bring this dance to Los Angeles . She is the founder of Zouk in LA and is a pioneer in bringing and spreading zouk to the west coast of the U.S as well as Founder and Organizer of the 1st and biggest Zouk Congress in the USA. Now L.A Zouk Festival.
Shani has since traveled all over the world to teach and perform and has been recognized as a top international artist . She also directs her company and school out of LA – Shani Mayer Dance Co. (SMDC)​

Igor & Christina (NYC/Brazil & Los Angeles)

igor and christina 1

 Christina Montoya is an international Brazilian Zouk instructor currently based out of Los Angeles, CA. She was first inspired with the desire to teach dance when she took her first salsa and bachata class at the age of 18 in Los Angeles, CA. She has had a passion for dancing her whole life and first experimented in different styles when she was 12 years old beginning with hip hop, jazz, competitive cheerleading, and Tahitian prior to training in Salsa and Bachata. Her newfound passion lead her to begin training with various dance companies in Los Angeles and local instructors as she was driven by the excitement she had for social dancing and performing. At the time, Christina‘s first passion for teaching was sparked as she was a successful instructor in the Bachata community with her former partner in Los Angeles.

Christina found Brazilian Zouk in 2014 where she immediately fell in love with the dance. She furthered her training with Igor Fraga in Los Angeles, California as he partnered her to compete at the 2nd Annual US Zouk Open Competition where they received 1st place in the Semi-Pro division. Since then, she trained with various international artists and received certifications for completed teacher training through Zouk NY and the Dutch Zouk Congress Teacher Certification program. Her passion for the dance lead her to begin teaching Zouk in Los Angeles, California and since has been hired to teach at various events throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Brazil with her partner Igor Fraga. Most recently, they taught and performed at Renata Peçanha’s International Rio Zouk Congress. Christina also competed in the Intermediate Jack & Jill at the International Rio Zouk Congress where she took home 1st place. In 2018, she opened her company Zouk Babes, a performance group which empowers followers through dance and training technique. Christina‘s goal is to spread her passion for Zouk to the dancer inside everyone.

Igor Fraga, originally from Minas Gerais – Brasil, started his zouk journey in 2012 based in New York. He trained as a Zouk NY instructor and held weekly classes in Manhattan and, for a brief time, also in LA. Always looking to do his best, he collects awards from various competitions. Nowadays he’s been working as a traveling instructor doing various workshops and teaching at congresses around North America and the world. He’s also responsible in leading the Dare 2 Zouk program at NYC Zouk Festival, which offers a full on immersion and training in the fundamentals of the dance.

Bruno & Fae (Denver/Portugal)

 Bruno and Fae

Bruno and Fae started dancing together in November 2015 and have since taught and performed at numerous events around the country from local workshops to large international congresses. In 2016 they took second place in the semi-pro division of the Zouk US Open with their now well-known choreography piece Worth It” and shortly after got featured in the Fences” movie, that’s currently in production stage.
Fae has a rich dance background in classical ballet, modern, contemporary and commercial jazz, as well as hip hop and heels choreographies. She is also an All-Star west coast swing dancer. Once she discovered Brazilian zouk however, it has become her main passion, and these days she dedicates majority of her training time to perfecting her dance skills and broadening her knowledge base in this dance style. She currently teaches and performs around the US with her partner Bruno Miranda and co-directs Zouk team at Ivo Vieira’s Dance Company.
Bruno is trained in hip hop, salsa, kizomba, tarraxinha, semba, and of course brazilian zouk. He has been on the social dance scene of his hometown Braga, Portugal since he was 14 years old. Since his move to the US he has been mainly focusing on zouk and kizomba, training with the best professionals in the world and teaching around the country with his partner, performing in ISDC dance company for a while.
Bruno and Fae are currently organizing the Elevation Denver International Zouk Congress and directing their own Zouk Immersion Dance Company that includes training program, performance team and special events (workshops. Bootcamps and social dances) in Los Angeles, CA and Denver and Boulder, CO.
Having combined their knowledge and experience as dancers and teachers, Bruno and Fae have built a unique and memorable style, which they are always eager to share!

Atoro & Firefly (Atlanta)


Atoro, born and raised in Northern California, is a passionate and soulful dancer and teacher. Before discovering Zouk while still in its infancy in the US, Atoro was a trained teacher of Latin and Ballroom. After that chance encounter he dedicated himself utterly to the forms of Zouk and after years of study began teaching in DC. Over his 8-year career as a Zouk teacher he has taught, DJ’d, and performed at Zouk and Latin congresses throughout the US and internationally. He founded and co-founded the Zouk dance tribes in DC and Atlanta respectively – both of which have grown into beautiful and thriving communities of which he is very proud.

Atoro’s personal dance-style is a form of NeoZouk centered within deep and honest connection, as well as the present-moment improvisation and breaking of patterns that comes from being entirely in the moment. His area of particular expertise is the internal form of lead and follow called Suwai and the corresponding flow-state achieved through silent mind and deep body listening. His teaching emphasizes going beyond the repetition of patterns, to understanding the flow and soul of the movements. He is currently based in Atlanta and teaches with his wonderful partner, Firefly.


Ebonie (aka Firefly) has trained extensively in a diverse range of dance modalities. Growing up in NYC influenced her eclectic worldview. Pursuing a B.A. in Japanese, Ebonie lived abroad in Kyoto in 2005-06 and studied classical Japanese dance. Upon her return to Williams College, Ebonie pursued African, Latin, contemporary Indian, and Modern dance. She moved to Washington, D.C. to immerse herself in an evolving arts community, working and dancing at the Dance Exchange and the D.C. Dance Collective.

Eventually, Ebonie added Contemporary, Jazz and Blues to her repertoire. Ebonie joined Tanya Kianda Fiske’s all-female YemaShun Dance Company, studying and performing Mambo and Afro-Latin dance with Fiske and Psyon D. Scott. Introduced to Brazilian Zouk in 2010 by Atoro, Ebonie immersed herself in the form. Upon her return to NYC in 2012, Ebonie received the Zouk NY teacher certification through Kim Rottier. She served as Teaching Assistant to Rottier, Henri Velandia and Jessica Lamdon (ZenZouk). She also studied Contact Improvisation with Jesse Johnson (Dancing with Gravity). In 2016, Ebonie partnered with Atoro and teaches with Zouk Atlanta.

 Ebonie is invested in improvisational dance and a breadth of conscious movement techniques, and incorporates a variety of dance styles into her movement. She believes in the power of dance to connect and communicate, and the nourishment that creativity brings to life.

Ashley Kent (Washington D.C.)

Zouk with Getúlio


Ashley has been dancing from an early age, including training in jazz, tap, ballet, modern, west African dance, salsa, kizomba and Brazilian zouk.  She got hooked on afro-latin partner dancing while living abroad in Ghana and Sudan,  but when she was introduced to Brazilian zouk in 2012 in DC she fell in love with it.  She has studied with top instructors from Brazil, Canada, Spain and the US and has traveled to Brazil to attend several of the most well-known Brazilian zouk festivals.Ashley co-founded District Zouk with Amy White, Valentine Luu and Bianca Desroches and they have been teaching weekly Brazilian zouk classes at DanceSport Dupont Circle since June 2014. In addition to these weekly classes, District Zouk offers weekly and monthly dance socials and periodic workshops with guest instructors they bring to Washington DC. Together with Kianda T (aka Tanya Fiske) they co-organize the White House Kizomba/Zouk Summit, a spring dance festival that includes a full weekend of workshops in Brazilian zouk and kizomba with instructors from around the world.

Rachel & Zan (Durham & Albuquerque)

Rachel & Zan Zouk photo shoot 2


Zan is an avid student and teacher of Brazilian Zouk. Having traveled to congresses from LA to Miami and Mexico, Zan has learned from over 40 instructors to form a wide portfolio of Zouk experience. As a teacher, Zan focuses on principles for lead and follow that increase understanding and creativity beyond set patterns and allow dancers of any kind to communicate dynamically. Zan trains and teaches in NC with Rachel Meth, growing the Bull City Zouk scene to be the greatest of all time.

Rachel is a dedicated and passionate educator and dancer as well as the founder and director of EMBODIED and it’s umbrella programs. Her deep passion is to empower others, connect and build community, as well as to inspire an embodied and compassionate life through dance, movement, and mindfulness practices. Her enthusiasm for teaching has inspired both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education.

While living in Buenos Aires in 2009, she discovered and fell head over heels in love with Brazilian Zouk, which she has been teaching and spreading around the US ever since. She had never before experienced a partner dance that embodied such flow, connection, and dynamic yet natural movements. During her dance, movement, and mindfulness journey, Rachel also discovered 5-Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Reiki, and Meditation. She adopted her own meditation practice and began integrating these different forms of movement and mindfulness into schools and dance teaching experiences. She is the organizer of NCZOUKFEST and other festivals including Dances of Love Festival Hawaii, Hawaii Zouk Retreats, EMBODIED Zouk Retreats, co-organizer for AZoukFest, and she is committed to offering a different type of experience at festivals and retreats that cultivates joyful awareness, loving presence, and nourishing connection with one another.

Lydie & Robert (Durham, NC)

lydie and robert

Lydie has been dancing since she was introduced to Jazz (or twirling around in pretty clothes) at Dancentre Studio in Chapel Hill at the ripe age of 4. She stumbled upon salsa dance in high school, and continued to explore latin dance through college. From there her passion for social dancing has only grown, to include explorations in fusion, blues, tango, and more. She fell in love with Brazilian zouk and began teaching under the tutelage of her personal hero, Rachel Meth. She is a co-founder and teacher for Triangle Zouk and is delighted to help nourish the North Carolina zouk community with this fantastic event.

Umka Pele (DC)


Umka is a yogini, athlete, and movement artist who has practiced a variety of creative movement modalities for over 30 years. Umka’s athletic and creative movement journey included ballet, contemporary dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, exotic dance, and several partner dances: Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba, Zouk and West Coast Swing. Umka is a yoga teacher who is passionate about applying the principles of yoga asana to dance conditioning and using mindfulness practices for creating a greater mind, body and energetic awareness in dance.

Jeremy Hale (New York City)

Jeremy Hale

Jeremy Hale is a professional dancer, teacher, bodyworker, and artistic consultant. Jeremy has over 15 years of dance experience and teaches contemporary modern dance, improvisation, and contact improvisation classes and workshops. He received a degree in dance from University of California: Los Angeles in 2006 and has performed and taught dance in numerous styles and methods and in numerous countries in the years since. His focus as a teacher is on efficiency of movement, relationship with gravity, injury prevention, and clarity of purpose. His training is rooted heavily in Somatic practices and Tai Chi, and his aesthetic is heavily influenced by Butoh and Eurocrash.
As a performer, Jeremy currently focuses on solo and small-group collaborative improvisational projects. Jeremy now brings his diverse movement background into the social dance sphere, focusing on Brazilian Zouk, and teaches principles acquired over a 15 year career in dance that are applicable to numerous solo and social partner dance styles. Jeremy has over 25 years of bodywork experience, combined with years of dance training and anatomical study. His bodywork sessions are a highly customized and individualized form of deep myofascial release. The purpose of a bodywork session is to unlock and release bound muscles, bound energy, and tension in the body. It includes consultation about possible ways to prevent such tension from building up again. As such, the goal is to minimize, if not eliminate, the need for repeat sessions.
Jeremy has danced with numerous companies over more than a decade, and excelled in helping choreographers solve choreographic, spacial, and logistic dilemmas to maximize the realization of their creative vision. He now offers his years of experience to help artists overcome blocks and solve dilemmas with their creations by helping them answer (or ask) questions that will propel their art further. He specializes in choreographic consultation, but is available to consult on any artistic medium. Jeremy is currently based in New York City, USA, but travels frequently and is happy to discuss offering teaching, bodywork, or consultation services anywhere on the globe.

DJ Fraga (Brazil/NYC)

igor DJ

DJ Fraga started his career in NY back in 2013. He started getting recognition thanks to his well selected playlist and knowledge of the dance floor. He’s played at every major zouk congress/festival in United States, and continues to bring the best music to his set all over North America.

Founder and director of ZoukTopia, he aims to always create a great environment at parties and to keep everyone dancing non stop with the latest and hottest music in the zouk world.

DJ RX (Washington DC)


DJ Rx (Justin Collins) has been a musician for most of his life. His musical experiences range from composing classical music for band, orchestra and choir to songwriting and working as a mix engineer. During his time as a mix engineer he began experimenting in the world of DJing but it wasn’t until he found his love for Zouk that he really found how he could fuse his vast musical and compositional background with the dance he loved. Now, nothing gets him going like having a room full of people feeling the music and dancing the night away.